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Site Selection

Current/Recent Projects

Navajo Chapter Inland Port Study – Assisted in a feasibility analysis that will determine the development of an inland port outside of Gallup, New Mexico bringing sizable capital investment and jobs to the region.

Contact: Patty Lundstrom, Executive Director, Greater Gallup Chamber of Commerce; 505-870-5915;
Aerospace Manufacturer – Assisted a company locate a new production facility.

Intermodal Operation Lease Analysis – Conducted lease trend research for an intermodal developer and prospect.

Intermodal Developer – Conducted a distribution feasibility analysis to determine freight volumes sufficient enough to justify the significant expansion of an intermodal industrial park in the SW.

Consumer Goods Manufacturer – Assisted in a freight/logistics analysis to determine freight costs for a potential West Coast location

Consumer Products Distribution Center Client – Provided critical wage and workforce information for regions of the NE through our partner TranSystems.

MeadWestvaco Corporation – With TranSystems, assisted this packaging giant with freight logistics and industrial park site selection analysis in the SE. Also FCG is providing direct marketing using the freight model and cost comparison reports.

Contact: James Hill, Vice President; (843) 851-4708;
Food processing company – Providing site selection assistance for projects in the Midwest and Southwest.

Global call center company – Assisted siting analysis in the Southeast.

International solar company – Advised this global leader on site selection issues as they expand into North American markets.

Sisener Ingenieros, S.L. – Assisted this Spanish renewable energy company to locate their first U.S. office in Phoenix and to search for solar farm sites in the southwest.

Contact: Aitor Eizmendi Digon, International Business Development Director; (602) 515-8950;
Forest City Stapleton – Assisting this Denver-based developer with marketing of one of the most sustainable office/industrial projects in the world. FCG set appointments with target related decision makers so that Stapleton staff can sell this high performance workplace.

Contact: K.C. Yasmer, Director of Office Acquisitions and Development; (303) 996-7721;

Past Projects/References

Country Fresh, Inc – Assisted the locations of three vegetable processing/packaging plants (Northeast, Midwest, and Southwest) for this Houston-based food company. Projects created over 300 jobs.

Contact: Mr. Chris Petro, Vice President – Operation; (214) 505-4162
Staples – Assisted distribution center (DC) location in Beloit, Wisconsin, creating over 250 new jobs.

Contact: John Lynch, Vice President of Engineering & Construction; (508) 370-7984
Wal-Mart – Assisted with numerous distribution center (DC) locations for the world's largest retailer. The team assisted over 65 DC locations nation-wide. A typical DC project was over one million square feet in size and created 700 jobs.

Contact: Colby Tanner, DC and Retail Site Selection Manager; (479) 273-4000

Economic Development

Current/Recent Projects

Tulare County, CA – Certified four industrial parcels for this Central Valley California community designed to highlight the very best industrial sites.

Contact: Paul Saldana, President, Tulare County EDC; 559-688-3388;
Mesquite, NV – Completed a distribution center (DC) labor analysis measuring cost, availability and quality of the workforce.

Contact: George Gault, Chairman, Mesquite Regional Business, Inc.; 702-345-3075;
State of Oregon – Assisting with an updated and improved certified sites program state-wide.

Contact: Sierra Gardiner, Director, Oregon Business Development Department; 503-986-0141;
CentrePoint Canada, Inc. – Conducting a food processing target industry and marketing plan for this unique intermodal development in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Contact: Greg Dandewich, Senior VP; Economic Development Winnipeg; (204) 954-1982;
Tulare County, CA – Conducting a certified sites analysis for this Central Valley California community designed to highlight the very best industrial sites.

Contact: Paul Saldana, President, Tulare County EDC; (559) 688-3388;
Scottsbluff/Gering, NE – With our partner Thomas P. Miller & Associates, conducting an Economic Development Study for this Western Nebraska region.

Contact: Rick Kuckkahn, Scottsbluff City Manager; (308) 630-6202;
Greater Dallas County (IA) Economic Development Alliance – Completed a comprehensive strategic plan for this county just west of Des Moines. The process included a site selection assessment, a focus group exercise, and new budget/timetable.

Contact: Linda Wunsch, Executive Director; (515) 987-7409;
City of Spruce Grove, Alberta CANADA – Conducted a successful target industry and marketing analysis for this Northern Alberta community. The targets included Knowledge Economy Services, Oil and Gas Extraction Services, Agricultural Processing, Pre-Manufactured Structures, and Trucking/Logistics.

Contact: Dave Walker, Manager, Economic & Business Development; (780) 962-7608;
Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) – Designed and helped implement a new certified sites and buildings program for rural Arizona. The program will collect critical site/building information and certifies candidates in either Bronze, Silver, or Gold categories; thus making it easier for prospects to choose the very best sites or buildings for their next projects.

Contact: Keith Watkins, Senior Vice President; (602) 845-1278;
State of Tennessee – With Austin Consulting, helped design the new SelectSites certified/shovel ready site program and are certifying sites under the program. Dozens of sites are in the process of being certified.

Contact: Kendrick J. Curtis, PhD, Technical Program Director; (865) 777-4684;
Greater Gallup Economic Development Corporation – Conducted a target industry analysis tied to the intermodal projects near Gallup by the BNSF Railroad. Also marketing to target prospects, and assisting with critical workforce issues.

Contact: Patty Lundstrom, Executive Director; (505) 722-2980;
Jamestown/Stutsman (ND) Development Corp. – Conducting a community assessment and target industry analysis for this growth community.

Contact: Connie Ova; President; (701) 252-6861;
EDC of Wayne County (IN) – Developing a plastics sector cost comparison report and setting up prospecting missions for this East Central IN community.

Contact: Valerie Shaffer, President; (765) 983-4769;
New Mexico Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) – In association with partner JBA Associates, refining, benchmarking and enhancing current target industries in this Northern NM area.

Contact: Kathy Keith, Executive Director; (505) 220-7085;

Past Projects/References

Wayne County (MI) Economic Development Growth Engine (EDGE) – Conducted a comprehensive workforce and labor/management analysis in the Detroit area from a site selection perspective.

Contact: Todd Fenton, Development Officer; 313-575-9721;
Roswell/Artesia (NM) Area – Conducted a comprehensive workforce analysis in this SE NM region from a site selection perspective.

Contact: Bob Donnell, President, Roswell Chaves County EDC; (575) 317-2089
E>P Group (Farmington, NM) – Conducted a target industry analysis for this economic development leadership group serving San Juan County, NM.

Contact: T. Gregg Merrion, President, Merrion Oil & Gas; (505) 324-5313
New Mexico Partnership – Developed compelling cost comparison analysis reports for four target industries that the Partnership is using in their marketing and prospecting. Each report takes a hypothetical target project and compares labor, real estate, utility, tax and living costs to select competitors.

Contact: Steve Vierck, President; (505) 225-4576;
Genesee County (MI) Regional Chamber of Commerce – Assisted with target industry lead generation through trade shows and prospecting trips designed to attract new diversified investment to this traditional auto-based economy. FCG also conducted a site selection assessment of the county.

Contact: Dale Benish, Business Development Manager; (810) 600-1436;
Pinal County (AZ) – Conducted an economic development asset inventory for all communities in Pinal County. This important information will be used with prospects and is part of the County's promotional materials.

Contact: Tim Kanavel, Economic Development Manager; (520) 866-6664;
Town of Queen Creek (AZ) – Conducted a feasibility study to help guide the planning for a new business incubator in this suburban Phoenix community.

Contact: Kim Moyers, Economic Development Specialist; (480) 358-3003; kim.moyers@queen
Los Alamos (NM) Commerce & Development Corp – Conducted a detailed labor analysis surveying both employers and residents in order to determine skills of the workforce and how to interest prospects in these skills. Also, organized prospecting missions to get the word out about these skills.

Contact: Patrick Sullivan, New Director;

Follow the link to download the 2010 Los Alamos Labor Analysis

Lincoln (NE) Region – Assisted this 12-County region in eastern Nebraska to assess target industry workforce skill needs in cooperation with Angelou Economics. Work will include an online labor survey and in-depth target industry interviews. The results will assist target industries in conducting their location/expansion due diligence, and create new jobs in the region.

Contact: Angelos Angelou, President; Angelou Economics; (512) 225-9320;
Iowa City, Iowa (2009) – Developed a new "shovel ready" sites program in cooperation with Austin Consulting. We looked at "best practices" around the country and crafted a program that will incorporate the best of the best. At the end of the process, certified sites in the region that will better attract new jobs and capital investment. This process served as a pilot project that can be taken state-wide in the future.

Contact: Joe Raso, President; Iowa City Area Development Group, Inc.; (319) 354-3939;
Arizona Department of Commerce (2009) – Provided target industry research and marketing assistance designed to attract high-wage employers in clusters such as aerospace, advanced manufacturing, computer software, healthcare/biotechology, and renewable energy (particularly solar).

Contact: Sandra Watson, Director of Business Attraction; (602) 771-1215;
City of Moraine (Ohio) Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (2009) – Conducted a broad-based economic development strategy, in cooperation with Angelou Economics, for this community south of Dayton that experienced the closure of a GM assembly plant and the loss of over 2,500 jobs. The strategy included visioning, targeting, strength/weakness assessment, workforce analysis, plant inspection, and recommendations designed to redevelop the plant site and put people back to work. In early 2014, Fuyao, a major Chinese auto supplier announced that they will locate a glass manufacturing operation in this plant employing up to 800 workers and with a capital investment of $200 million.

Contact: Michael Davis, Economic Development Director; (937) 535-1034;

Follow the link to download the project report

City of League City (TX) Target Industry Analysis and Prospect List (2009) – Conducted a target industry update and qualified a new prospect list designed to identify potential high-end office users in the oil/gas, medical, and aerospace fields. Next steps will include a comprehensive marketing campaign to attract these users.

Contact: Doug Frazior, Economic Development Director; (281) 554-1036;
Workforce Investment Office of Western Illinois (WIB 14) – Conducted a detailed labor force assessment and commuter analysis for the western Illinois area. The project included an extensive resident survey. We also completed a target industry and occupational analysis, and conducted workforce roundtables.

Contact: Ms. Blanche Shoup, Director; (309) 334-1575;
Develop Abilene (TX) – Conducted a detailed labor analysis for the manufacturing, medical, and IT sectors. Also, produced a logistics cost model designed to compare freight costs in order to compete more effectively for distribution center projects.

Contact: Mr. William Ehrie, President; (800) 299-0005;
Decatur-Macon County (IL) Economic Development Corp. – Conducted a detailed labor analysis for the manufacturing and food/biotech sectors.

Contact: Mr. Craig Coil, President; (217) 422-9520;
Baton Rouge (LA) Region – Completed a regional freight/logistics analysis designed to help attract new warehouse/distribution (DC) operations to this Gulf Coast region. The deliverables included an Excel-based freight model designed to calculate and market freight costs, and a cost comparison analysis designed to compare costs/conditions versus region competitor communities.

Contact: Jonathon Moore, Baton Rouge Chamber; (225) 339-1165;
San Juan County (NM) Industrial Park and Economic Development Analysis – Conducted a feasibility analysis for a 190-acre business park supported with a detailed area labor analysis. A targeting analysis was completed to determine the best mix of business and industry that could locate at the park along with a detailed understanding and match for the labor found in the region that would complement the community and region. There will also be a targeted marketing component developed for the County to assist them in the long term marketing of the property.

Contact: Mike Stark, Project Manager; (505) 334-4582
Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) – Conducted an office and industrial site/building analysis for portions of the Phoenix west valley.

Contact: Mr. Barry Broome, President & CEO; (602) 256-7700;
Rockford (IL) Economic Development Council – Conducted a target industry and workforce related analysis, and a cost comparison report for the back office/call center industry. Both have become important pieces in their global marketing campaigns.

Contact: Ms. Janyce Fadden, President; (815) 987-8118 X114;
Grand Rapids, Minnesota – Conducted a target industry, strength/weakness, and industrial park preliminary design and analysis for this Northern Minnesota community and major resident paper manufacturer.

Contact: Mr. Rob Mattei, Community Development Director; (218) 326-7622;
Northwest Pennsylvania Commission (Oil City, PA) – Refined target industry research; developed cost comparison reports for five target sectors; provided marketing assistance and developed a logistics model for this nine-county region.

Contact: Denise McCloskey, Executive Director; (814) 677-4800;


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